Unpacking Emotional Triggers

Description of workshop:
This workshop is about providing insight and learning to understand the way we react to certain situations when we are emotionally triggered, and the adaptive function of these reactions through a compassionate lens. We learn to befriend our autonomic nervous system, observe the way it changes our physiological state and understand its role so that we can work with it, rather than allowing it to serve as dysfunctional behaviour in our day to day lives.

About Peta

Peta Thompson is an ex-military and former professional skydiving instructor turned multidisciplinary Trauma-Informed Wellness Coach & Yoga teacher practicing out of Nelson, BC – the traditional territory of the Ktuanxa, the Syilx, and the Sinixt peoples. After years of study, training under great teachers such as Dr Gabor Mate, and a wealth of hands-on experience, Peta integrates a broad range of practices to offer a unique and intuitive approach to working through trauma via non-conventional practices. She specialises in various forms of addiction, anxiety, panic attacks, integrating parts & inner-child work, unpacking core beliefs, identity challenges, intergenerational trauma, childhood and sexual trauma, disconnection from Self, body and emotions and shadow work. Peta works with people from across the globe and from many walks of life including indigenous people, LGBTQI2, Youth in recovery, Professionals in recovery, Skydiving instructors, BASE jumpers & extreme sport athletes, Yoga and Health professionals, Couples and more.

Education & Training

• Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry Program
• Integrative Somatic Therapy Training Level 1 (Level 2 in progress)
• Jikiden Reiki
• Trauma Informed Practitioner Training Level 1 & 2
• Life Coach Certification
• Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution
• 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
• Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
• Meditation Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
• Pranayama (breathwork) Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
• Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)
• SUP (standup paddle board) Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

Peta Thompson | She/Her
Certified Yoga | Meditation | Pranayama teacher | Wellness Coach
P 778 598 1252