Strengthen Your Intuition Using Oracle Cards

Description of workshop:
In this fun and interactive workshop, you will discover how to use your Oracle cards for guidance and why they are such a powerful divination tool. You will tune into your intuition and what it’s saying while strengthening those intuitive muscles for clarity. We will explore numbers, images and esoteric meanings through all our senses. Bring your curiosity and your favourite deck of cards to decipher messages beyond this physical reality!
Please note: Experience and having your own Oracle deck are not necessary.

About Therese

Therese Nadeau has been working as an Oracle Master teacher and Psychic healer for over a decade. She guides women back to their intuitive gifts, so they may regain trust in themselves to generate more love, health and prosperity. She is passionate about helping create a world where empaths, healers and spiritual leaders prosper. She is a mom, chocoholic, and recovering perfectionist.
You can contact her by email or 250-922-5522
Instagram: @psychicTherese
Facebook: Psychic Therese