Hummingbird gratitude ceremony

Description of workshop:
In reverence and sacred play, we will honor and celebrate our courageous and mighty pollinators and their vast contribution to humanity and the web of life.

Together, in the universal spirit of remembrance we will:

  • Open sacred space and call in the Directions.
  • Embark on a guided journey to celebrate our beloved pollinators who flutter, forage and creep from plant to plant.
  • Activate our body temple with buzzing and song.
  • Become more spacious and alive as we deepen our roots and blossom with our inner garden.
  • Be in greater relationship (sacred reciprocity) with Pachamama/Earth Mother and our pollinator kin.
  • Add our prayers and intentions towards the web of life and a vibrant future with Mother Earth.
  • Looking forward to being in ceremony together!

About Eva

Eva is a somatic-based transformational mentor and energy medicine practitioner who supports emotionally drained highly sensitive healers and artists, alchemize ‘dis-ease’ and pain from unresolved trauma, into vibrant health, unconditional love and heart-centered purpose.
With over two decades of hands on clinical practice as a Cranial-sacral Therapist and cross-cultural Shamanic practitioner, Eva is passionate about helping others experience the blessings of embodiment, the joy of creativity and renewed passion for life.
Eva is deeply dedicated to Earth honoring traditions. She is in communion with master plant Allie’s, the lineage technology of the ‘Mesa’ -medicine bundle, and is in alignment with the Andean cosmo vision as a life path of evolution and service.