The Fundamentals of Flowetry

Description of workshop:
As well as being a lot of fun, hula hoop dancing (flowetry) has many benefits for our mental and physical health. One can also delve deeper into things like proprioception and sacred geometry to explore how flowetry can help us connect to the world, ourselves, and each other on a psychological and spiritual level.

Join the Panoptical Poet to find out more about the meaning of flowetry, and learn some cool tricks and dance moves in the process. Bring a hula-hoop and an open mind to this interactive hula hooping workshop that will help you find your flow.

About Erin

The Panoptical Poet is an environmental and social justice word warrior who examines the many varying viewpoints of our current global reality. Each poem Erin writes is an attempt at bringing to light the undervalued voices that are being silenced in the landscape of our collective conversations.

The Panoptical Poet is almost as passionate about flowetry as she is about poetry. Erin has been a hula hoop dancer for the past five years, and she enjoys sharing this talent with her social media followers.