Dandelion as Food & Medicine

Description of workshop:
In this workshop open to all ages, we will move through a breathing and meditating with dandelion exercise, learn about the incredible healing power of working with dandelion as both food and medicine, as well as harvest and prepare dandelion blossom vinegar together. Bring you curiosity, questions, and your own small glass jar to prepare your herbal vinegar.

About Jaycee

JAYCEE CLARKSON is the creator of UNFURL WELLNESS and lives in Thrums, BC. She is a community herbalist, home birth attendant, and practices Ayurvedic Lymphatic Drainage massage. She draws upon teachings from the Wise Woman Tradition and advocates for bringing back herbal medicine as people’s medicine. Her passion is working with the plants that grow abundantly around us – the green allies in your backyard waiting to build a relationship with you.