About Collective Perspective

Collective Perspective is a dynamic rock trio hailing from the scenic town of Salmo, BC. Their musical journey is a fusion of heartfelt original compositions that delve into the depths of life’s experiences, from the highs of love to the lows of loss. Comprising Colin Innes on guitar, Shawna Lukowski on bass, and Johanna Mickle on drums, each member brings their unique perspective and songwriting prowess to the table, resulting in a harmonious and diverse sonic palette.

Since emerging from the confines of their basement in 2022, Collective Perspective has been making waves on the local music scene. From intimate venues to larger stages, the band has played numerous events across the region, including Trail Silver City Days, Salmo July 1st in the Park, Beaver Valley May Days, the Salmo Hotel Fundraiser, Salmo Valley Fall Festival, Erie Creek Brewery, and the Salmo Valley Farmers’ Market.