A Somatics Sampler: Addressing the Root Cause of Muscle Tension

Description of workshop:
Are you feeling aches and pains in your aging body?
Stiff, tight muscles when you wake?
This may have nothing to do with aging!

Imagine there was a simple practice you could do that would alleviate your symptoms so that you can feel better and get on with the things you love to do!

If you’re getting tired of trying to find some practitioner to “fix” you, Somatics can help you become more self-reliant.

The Somatics practice involves slow, gentle movements that anyone can do. It helps refine the way you move by improving communication between the nervous system and the muscles. The result is a body that moves well and feels great!

In this Somatics Sampler session you will learn how Somatics works, and experience a short practice to feel the effects for yourself.

About Rob

Rob Selmanovic is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and Hanna Somatics educator. He has been practicing and studying yoga for over 25 years. Much of his teaching is rooted in the science of anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics and yoga therapy.
Rob’s teaching focuses on pure, safe movement that is accessible for all body types and abilities with an understanding that yoga and movement-based practices be body and age-appropriate.
He has taught classes and led workshops and retreats in Canada, Mexico, India, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and was a teacher and presenter at Hollyhock Learning Centre on Cortes Island. He has a private practice where he offers Somatic Education to clients to help address functional issues and eliminate pain.
Rob’s mission is to empower others to learn how to manage and eliminate pain with Somatic based practices because “change is possible!”