5 Element Sound Journey

Description of workshop:
In this workshop you will be enveloped in the frequencies of the 5 elements through sound immersion. Juliena will invite you into restorative shapes which allow one to engage with the meridians in a somatic experience and activate and allow movement through various acupoints. Juliena will weave information on the 5 elements in relation to Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding throughout so participants can FEEL connected through knowledge, sound and somatics.

About Juliena

Hi there!!! I am a kootenay based Acupuncturists of 21 years, Yoga and mindfulness teacher of 15 years and Sound therapist of 10 years! As you may tell I love all things healing!!! And I am an energetic and engaged life long learner which has made my journey with Chinese Medicine the perfect fit as it is a fascinating, multi faceted, never ending road to knowledge, practice and integration. I am honoured to have the pleasure of sharing these tools of increased health and happiness. I hope to inspire and be inspired and to teach and be taught. Looking forward to meeting you all!