Lucia Light No*3 Mediations


With Kory Monteith
Sunday, May 22, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
(3 workshops of 15-20 minutes each)
*Note that we will contact to to let you know which time slot you will be in between 2:00 & 3:00 pm.
The Yurt, For-rest Retreat
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Available Quantity: 2


About the Class:
The Lucia Light No*3 is a hypnagogic light machine. It is not a medical treatment or a therapeutic device. The Lucia Light No*3 is a highly advanced meditation tool. The pulsing white LED lights activate the pineal gland, creating theta and gamma brain wave states. Allowing the traveler to fall into deep meditative states in a matter of minutes without practice or training. Reach higher states of consciousness with this safe alternative to psychedelic therapy or plant medicine journeys. Enjoy relaxation, find inner peace, activate the pineal gland, rebalance the nervous system. Increase intuition, creativity and clarity. Decrease pain, symptoms and emotional stresses.

About Kory:
Kory is a Holistic Allergist, Lucia Light Practitioner and Hypnosis Therapist.